Todd Lubar; the Entrepreneur with Experience in Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar was recently interviewed by Hackronym. He answered a few questions about his companies and his work in general. Lubar started by explaining how he came up with the idea for TDL Global Ventures. He said that he realized he would be more effective helping people to achieve their dreams after working for many years in the finance industry. The company provides loans and financing to individuals who do not qualify for loans from financial institutions. Lubar was able to develop a product that gives consumers what they want.

Todd Lubar said that he starts his work day by checking his email and reading the news. He added that the news informs how his day will look like because he prioritizes around that. Lubar works out for a short while because it energizes him and helps to clear his head. He was asked what trend excites him. He mentioned the ability to control his home with a remote control. He stated that he had several security cameras in his home that he could check at any time through his phone. Todd Lubar said that there was a significant opportunity in the housing space that was yet to be tapped. He pointed out that there were many companies in the house-finding space, but they did not have updated housing information. Todd recommended a book by David J. Schwartz known as “The Magic of Thinking Big.” He said that the book challenges readers to set higher expectations so as to get the most out of life.

Lubar has a degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He started his career in the mortgage industry as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Position in 1999 after he acquired an equity position in the company. Lubar ventured into the real estate industry in 2002 when he founded Legendary Properties LLC. Lubar also owns a commercial demolition company and a recycling business. He started these companies during the economic downturn so that he could stay afloat. Lubar has been able to establish partnerships with many insurance agents, real estate agents, and financial planners over the course of his career. You can visit LinkedIn for more info.


Global Events Take Precedence For George Soros

Many people have been left with an image of George Soros that depicts the New York based Hungarian born hedge fund investor as only looking out for himself in the U.S. political scene, but Soros himself has been pushing forward his philanthropic support for a network of charitable programs through his own Open Society Foundations. After deciding to sit out the majority of the U.S. Presidential elections of the 21st century, George Soros has made a major return to political giving in 2016 in support of his long time political friend Hillary Clinton as she sought to become the first female President of the United States. Soros has never shied away from pushing forward the rights of women across the U.S. to take up top roles in both business and politics; Soros has done far more than simply discuss the idea of equal pay and roles for women, appointing top female financial specialist Dawn Fitzpatrick as the Chief Investment Officer of his own Soros Fund Management brand.

George Soros decided to make the decision to back the campaign of Hillary Clinton with around $25 million in political donations provided to the campaign of the former First Lady and the Super PAC’s that supported the candidacy of the democrat after becoming disillusioned with the Presidency of Barrack Obama. Despite originally backing the election of President Obama, Soros quickly stated his regret at ignoring the candidacy of Clinton in 2008 following the watering down of the left leaning agenda of the Obama Administration; in the buildup to the 2016 election that was eventually won by President Donald Trump, George Soros was given unlimited access to Hillary Clinton in an attempt to make sure the pair were on the same page in terms of the agenda the Democrat would seek in the future. Read this story at about George Soros.

Unlike many other wealthy donors who are only concerned with how a political candidate can aid their own work or career the work of George Soros is often focused on the human rights of people in all areas of the world. During the 2016 election campaign season the eyes of the world fell on the plight of Syrian refugees attempting to make their way across the European Union to find safety; Politico reports former refugee George Soros was so concerned about the possibility of the refugee crisis worsening the octogenarian decided to miss his first ever Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton was being handed the Presidential nomination of her party. George Soros has been calling on the U.S. and European Union to allow almost unlimited migration for refugees who are seeking to find safety from the problems they have faced from what George Soros describes as the Russian escalation of the conflict in the Syrian civil war.

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The Donald Trump Golf Course Billionaire

A short time after Donald Trump took his oath as the current president of the United States, the Trump International Golf Course Dubai opened its doors. It’s at the Akoya residential development in Dubai owned by Damac. That’s the real estate development company founded by Hussain Sajwani. Sales of its luxury villas are over $2 billion.

Hussain Sajwani and Damac are also working on the Trump World Golf Course at a separate Damac location. It’s being designed by Tiger Woods. And it’s scheduled to open at the end of 2018.

Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties just in 2002. He began developing apartments in Dubai for foreigners. The Damac owner bought up land in an undeveloped part of Dubai. He managed to sell the units in a proposed 38-story apartment building even before construction began. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg and DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

Therefore, he is partly responsible for turning Dubai into a fancy, desireable international tourist and business destination.

He teamed up with Donald Trump to develop the golf courses in 2013, long before anybody suspected the American businessman would run for president.

Hussain Sajwani started out in food service, partnering with clients such as Bechtel and the United States military. He still owns and operates that business.

Damac Properties is part of Damac Holdings. Since 2002 it has expanded into Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Lebanon. They are the largest developer of luxury real estate in the Middle East.

In 2013, Damac Properties worked with the Emirates Red Crescent humanitarian organization to raise money for impoverished children. The entire campaign raised AED 120 million. Damac itself donated AED 2 million. This represents the Hussain Sajwani family. That will provide clothing and other necessities for fifty million children around the world.

President Trump called Ali Hussein Sajwani really remarkable shortly after his election as president of the United States. He also said Sajwani made him another great business deal which he had to turn down, presumably because of his new job as U.S. president.

In addition, Sajwani has agreed his wife and Ivanka are good friends. They exchange emails. Ivanka has visited Sajwani. And he and his wife has gone to New York to dine with the Trumps.

WEN By Chaz’s Hair Magic

As the growing hair industry has evolved, new products are being made to improve the health, look, and condition of people’s hair.

WEN by Chaz is a part of the hype, as they released a no-poo shampoo product that is known as their cleansing conditioner.  The best part is that when the product washes the hair, it doesn’t remove the natural oils that the hair needs in order to be healthy. Therefor, it allows the hair to be washed without being dry and brittle. Clean hair that is also soft isn’t the only benefit that WEN by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner offers.

The no-poo shampoo from WEN by Chaz is made with ingredients that aren’t harmful to the hair strand. Importantly, the ingredient sodium laureth sulfate isn’t found in this hair product (thankfully), making this cleansing conditioner safe for many hair types. Chaz Dean, founder of WEN hair care products, actually set out to make his products suitable for a wide variety of people, as there are products for both men and women. Dedicated to having products that were worth having his name on, Chaz Dean spent months making a beneficial product. Another benefit is that the cleansing conditioner makes washing hair quick and simple. Easy hair routines can often be followed by great hair days, and isn’t that what we all are striving after?

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The Infrastructure Development Undertakings of CTRMA

The chairperson of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein, recently wrote an editorial that was published in the American-Statesman. According to him, the population of Austin has been growing in the past few years, and this has caused traffic congestion in the city.

The community currently needs to utilize top-notch technology that can assist in addressing this problem. CTRMA was created by the government to deal with the construction of state-of-the-art road networks. It has been ensuring that it integrates the latest technology in all the highways that it establishes.

Heiligenstein said that the organization has currently developed several ways that are dedicated to reducing congestion in the city. An example is the 183A Toll road that passes between the Cedar Park and Leander. The highway has played a great role in changing the area even as its populations keeps growing.

Another highway that has been developed is the U.S. 290 toll U.S. 290 toll that is located in Austin and Manor. This road has managed to triple the holding capacity compared to the nontoll roads that were formerly used. CTRMA has the authority to runs its activities in the counties of Williamson and Travis.

CTRMA has been focused on establishing infrastructures that are based innovation. It is now developing the MoPac Express Lanes that will assist in reducing traffic in the area. Supply and demand of the roads will be regulated using variable tolling rates.

This will ensure that the Express Lane moves fast even during rush hours when congestion is high. CTRMA is devoted to using the latest technology in all its future infrastructure projects. One of its key plans is to construct a road that has fiber lines that can detect vehicles that are being driven on the wrong lanes.

According to Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA has collaborated with a mobile app company that is known as Metropia to create a program that will be synchronized with the traffic monitoring program and can offer alternative routes to road users.

It has also worked with Carma, which is a carpooling, app so as to encourage people to reduce congestion by sharing rides. CTRMA has also been encouraging people to walk or cycle.

Congestion is sometimes caused by car breakdowns on busy highways. CTRMA has developed a Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) that is called Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

This body has been providing free roadside mechanical services to motorists who have small issues. The roads that it patrols include U.S. 183 and Interstate 35 from Georgetown to Hays County.

The Lung Institute Fights The Mainstream

Sufferers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are usually left hanging by old fashioned doctors. Fortunately, the progressive stem cell science of The Lung Institute had increased the options for suffers of this disease. Thanks to leading stem cell research, care plans have been created to efficiently reduce symptoms of COPD.

Smokers have been warned that damaging their lungs will have future consequences, now they are paying the price with COPD. The disease will disable even the most athletic person, condemning to their beds struggling to suck out oxygen from their filtration machines.

Stem cells are considered to be immoral in the eyes of some Americans. On the other hand, leaving patients in desperate situations without treatment is even more immoral. The medical industry lacks efficient forms of treatment yet they continue to make record profits. Methodologies of approving treatments are old and archaic as well.

Jack Coleman from The Lung Institute was invited to speak at the largest conference in the world. According to PR Web, The International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research took place in the heart of Italy to discuss some of the issues facing the medical world. Only the top stem cell scientists were invited to give presentations.

Cedars-Sinai Dr. Coleman had thoroughly explained the situation of the company. It is difficult to bring stem cell projects into clinical trials due to the various regulatory agencies. The largest medical companies in the world have deep pockets and aim to keep the competition down through bribery of such agencies.

Many chronic diseases are treatable by stem cells if only the world would embrace it. The Lung Institute alone has several diseases nearly cured with their treatment plans. They may be able to make even more breakthroughs if fewer barriers had been set in their path.

Pulmonary fibrosis patients are also seeking relief with stem cell technology. The Lung Institute is able to relieve symptoms significantly within just a few treatment sessions. Instead of leaving patients bound to the bed struggling for breath, brave companies like the Lung Institute will step up and do something about it. You may hear more announcements of stem cell technology from their official Twitter page.