Things you Need To Know About Orange Coast College

Mary M Chesney, a retired professor of Orange Coast College recently funded the school with one million dollars, which is aimed at supporting a faucet pendulum to be constructed in the school. The pendulum is aimed at boosting the scientific studies of students in the college and increasing their knowledge in the discipline. The students and staff of the university believe that the pendulum is the unique experimental feature in the Orange County and that it will be a center of attraction for many individuals, particularly students. The former professor who has always loved the college was happy to give them the money, which was also in honor of her late partner.


The professor has also played a significant role in developing the school’s operations through her broad participation in contributing funds to cater for the scholarships of various individuals. Besides, Mary has also supported the college a couple of times, which is proving of her significant commitment towards providing the best to her former students. Her charitable nature has seen her receive a high amendment from the school`s staff as well as students. She believes that the drastic change in technology that has occurred a couple of years ago has seen many firms and institutions that do not use the modern technology, perform poorly and also conduct their operations at a slower rate. She believes that the school will improvise its mode of study and efficiently address the needs of its students through the use of the modern Planetarium.


Orange Coast College is the third largest college in Orange County and enrolls over twenty-four thousand college students yearly. The college provides administrative services as well as funding for post-secondary education and is chartered by the state of California to provide community college services.


Being among the top transfer institutions in the country, Orange Coast College highly focuses on providing affordable education to all individuals interested in enrolling in their school. Besides, the organization aims at equipping their students with the most excellent skills in their field of specialization to enable them to perform efficiently at their places of work.


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Dr. Cameron Clokie: In Pursuit of Excellence

The 21st century is here, and were living in one of the most advanced societies in history. On the other hand, health issues have run rampant thanks to the poor lifestyles that people of today partake in.

Obesity is one of the most talked about subjects of today, and it’s one of the most problematic for people of all ages. Obesity is an epidemic that causes a myriad of issues such as heart attack, stroke, heart disease and cardiac arrest.

Luckily, there are a few individuals who are looking to make a difference. Have you ever heard of Dr. Cameron Clokie? If you haven’t heard then just know that he is one of the leading health experts in Canada, and he’s using his knowledge in the fight against obesity.

Bloomberg revealed that Dr. Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics. Induce Biologics is a regenerative medicine company that uses stem cells to promote healing in the body. On the other hand, Clokie is a well accomplished oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the University of Toronto.

The guy has an educational background that’s about a mile long. This includes being a doctor of dental surgery, and he has a doctorate in bone regeneration.

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie has a much more innovative approach to surgical management than most of his contemporaries. Being so highly accomplished, he has also held prominent positions on the boards of many scientific advisory boards.

Though very controversial, regenerative medicines have shown a lot of potential when it comes to health issues. This is why Cameron Clokie is so passionate about fighting obesity.

After spending so much time preaching of the benefits for stem cell regeneration, the word is finally getting out. There have been much more effort put into studies now days, and these studies show that stem cells have a high probability of managing cardiac and nervous system illnesses.

The fact is that with all of the positive statistical data coming to light, many of today’s illnesses can be healed and Dr. Clokie is at the forefront of it all.

Avaaz, Spurring Online Activism

Avaaz is a civic organization that is one the most powerful and largest activist networks in the world. It based in the US and was founded in January 2007 by Ricken Patel. Ricken is a British-Canadian activist who is an Oxford University and Harvard Alumnus. He worked and lived Sudan, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Afghanistan and Liberia as a consultant for various NGOs such as the International Crisis Group. He founded Avaaz with the aim of promoting global activism on issues such as poverty, conflict, corruption, climate change, animal rights and human rights. The word Avaaz comes from the Persian word for voice.

Avaaz is funded entirely by individual members. It does not accept money from corporations from foundations. It also does not accept payments that exceed $5000. The organization has raised over $20 million from individuals who support Avaaz’s cause. The global campaigns that Avaaz champions are managed by campaigners from 30 different countries including Brazil, Lebanon, the UK and India. The campaigners communicate with the members via videos and emails. In some special cases Avaaz utilizes advertisements and uses lawyers who advise on the best way move a campaign forward. Some notable Avaaz campaigns include making a 5 km human chain from the Dalai Lama to China’s Embassy in London and taking a herd of cardboard pigs to the WHO to demand an enquiry into the link between commercial pig farms and swine flu.

Campaigns usually start with suggestions from the organization’s members. The members are guided by specialists who ensure the proposed campaign is legal and will be impactful. Once the proposal is deemed to have potential, 10000 Avaaz members are polled via email. If enough members respond the campaign is opened to all members. This technique is useful for bringing together members who have diverse backgrounds and may not be aware of certain issues.