Things you Need To Know About Orange Coast College

Mary M Chesney, a retired professor of Orange Coast College recently funded the school with one million dollars, which is aimed at supporting a faucet pendulum to be constructed in the school. The pendulum is aimed at boosting the scientific studies of students in the college and increasing their knowledge in the discipline. The students and staff of the university believe that the pendulum is the unique experimental feature in the Orange County and that it will be a center of attraction for many individuals, particularly students. The former professor who has always loved the college was happy to give them the money, which was also in honor of her late partner.


The professor has also played a significant role in developing the school’s operations through her broad participation in contributing funds to cater for the scholarships of various individuals. Besides, Mary has also supported the college a couple of times, which is proving of her significant commitment towards providing the best to her former students. Her charitable nature has seen her receive a high amendment from the school`s staff as well as students. She believes that the drastic change in technology that has occurred a couple of years ago has seen many firms and institutions that do not use the modern technology, perform poorly and also conduct their operations at a slower rate. She believes that the school will improvise its mode of study and efficiently address the needs of its students through the use of the modern Planetarium.


Orange Coast College is the third largest college in Orange County and enrolls over twenty-four thousand college students yearly. The college provides administrative services as well as funding for post-secondary education and is chartered by the state of California to provide community college services.


Being among the top transfer institutions in the country, Orange Coast College highly focuses on providing affordable education to all individuals interested in enrolling in their school. Besides, the organization aims at equipping their students with the most excellent skills in their field of specialization to enable them to perform efficiently at their places of work.


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Betsy DeVos’ Support for a Better Education System

Betsy DeVos is a wealthy businesswoman who has dedicated a lot of resources to philanthropy and supporting the education sector. She has been serving the Trump administration as secretary of education since February 2017. Betsy’s home is in Holland, Michigan. She is the daughter of a billionaire, Edgar Prince, who is the proprietor of Prince Corporation. The company a renowned supplier of automobile parts. Mrs. DeVos holds a B.A degree from the Calvin College. Her husband, Dick DeVos, is also a wealthy businessman and heir to the Amway Company.

Betsy has been taking part in political matters of the Michigan Republican Party since 1982. The party appointed her as the area delegate in 1986. In 1992, she was chosen to serve Michigan’s Republican National Committee and held the position until 1997. Mrs. DeVos also assisted in raising money for the President Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004. Her family has been supporting the Republican Party for a long time, and they have offered about $17 million to facilitate the campaigns of different candidates. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

In 1989, Betsy and Dick Devos started a family philanthropy organization that is known as the DeVos Family Foundation. They are committed to supporting education matters, justice, arts, and leadership. The DeVos family has donated over $139 million in their lifetime, and they gave $11.6 million in 2015. They were ranked 24th on the list of the United States’ leading philanthropists in 2015. The foundation benefits Christian missions, medical research, hospitals, Christian school, and many other organizations. Most of the donations that they give are channeled to Christian-based organizations.

In 2004, Betsy was appointed by President Bush to be a member of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts’ board of directors. She worked together with her husband in developing the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. They offered $22.5 million to support the undertakings of the organization, which supports artists. In 2009, the couple founded ArtPrize, which is famous art competition that is hosted in Michigan annually.

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Christianity has been a priority to Betsy. According to her, the current U.S education system does not function well, and therefore, she has been supporting for-profit charter schools. She believes that broadening the education sector will offer more choices for students. Betsy is also a great supporter of school vouchers that provide public money to pay for private schools. This would make it easy for children from low-income families to attend better schools.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have also offered financial support to All Children Matter. The organization has been striving to promote school vouchers. Betsy has been on the boards of different educations institutions and has been advocating for more schools choice for all children. She has been working with her family to improve education in the United States.