Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Athleisure. What is that, you ask? Well, it is comfy clothes for exercise and everyday life. Fabletics has grown into a $250 million business in three years with their athleisure line of clothing for women.


Fabletics sought to fill a void in the activewear market in 2013. The co-founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg, worked with Kate Hudson to launch their line. They wanted high quality athletic gear, but at a price that was accessible to a large amount of people. Fabletics is setting themselves apart from their competitors by offering fantastic customer service and on-trend designs at half the price.


Today, all fashion brands compete with Amazon. Taking this into careful consideration for the “new” consumers of today is the trick to how Fabletics is plunging headfirst into competition with Amazon, who controls 20% of e-commerce. They have built a membership model that offers personalized service, great fashion, and a price half their competitors price.


Fabletics uses reverse show rooming. This simply means, customers do their research online and then head into the actual brick-and-mortar store to buy the product. The company wants to use the best of technology and the physical store to meet the needs of their customers. Customers can go into a store, try something on, and it also goes into their online shopping cart. It does not matter whether the customer is buying online, or in a store.


Kate Hudson has no background in business, but that has not stopped her. The co-founders sought Kate out as a partner because she is real. The way in which she leads her life represents the vision they had for Fabletics. She has a passion for supporting women to be active and live their best life.


Every month Kate has a favorite Fabletic pick. She talks about what she likes, and why she likes them. You can see Kate wearing her picks on the Fabletic website. She is involved in everything from social media strategy to designing the athleisure line of clothing.


How do you get your very own athleisure? Start by heading to www.fabletics.com, click on “get started” to take their pop quiz. At the end of the pop quiz, you will be able to claim your very own Fabletic leggings at a great price.

Fabletics Reverses the Showrooming Trend to Rise in Business

Growing into a $250 million business since opening in 2013, Fabletics has gained a firm footing in the athleisure trend. The business started by conquering one of the biggest trends eating into the sales of similar retailers. Showrooming is a process where customers browse products in brick and mortar stores but then buy them cheaper online. Retailing giants like Amazon have profited from this trend, and Fabletics was not about to sit back and lose out on this opportunity.


With their reverse showrooming routine, Fabletics builds high value by offering desirable merchandise at a reasonable price so as not to lose customers. They aren’t afraid of losing customers to lower prices elsewhere because their merchandise is offered at a price the average shopper can afford. Their unique designs can’t be found elsewhere either, and with an increasing amount of brick and mortar stores popping up to complement their online presence they offer the total package for shoppers.


High value brand doesn’t mean the same thing it used to. In order to build a high value brand in today’s marketplace businesses need to build brand recognition, offer exemplary customer service, and provide exclusive design. It is more than price and quality, and Fabletics is ahead of the game in offering what modern customers want. With trendy athleisure fashion, Kate Hudson’s endorsement to build brand recognition, and customized customer experience the Fabletics brand goes the extra mile to build their customer base.


Kate Hudson’s input and passion shine through as well. She brings a personable and relatable vibe to Fabletics with her hands-on approach to the business. She credits her mother, Goldie Hawn, as her inspiration. Hudson is on the board of Hawn’s charity called MindUp. Her spirit of philanthropy extends into her business where she doesn’t just aim to make money but wants to encourage people on their fitness journey.


Hudson and Fabletics also use modern technology in order to directly reach modern customers. By selling directly to customers instead of to stores, Fabletics is able to cultivate crucial information about trends in fashion and stay on top of customer’s interests. Starting with a questionnaire, visitors to the site will find that not only do their answers influence personalized fashion ideas, their answers to this questionnaire will go back to Fabletics so the company can tighten up their offerings and prices. Customer’s interests do not go unheeded.


Customers are also treated to personalized clothing picks at the beginning of each month. Interested to see Fabletics’ picks for you? Take this survey to see your results.