Oncotarget’s Issue on E-cigarette

Oncotarget published a recent study conducted by the Rochester Medical Center led by Irfan Rahman who is a professor of environmental medicine. The study was the first of its kind addressing e-cigarettes and the effects it has on the oral health, cellular as well as molecular levels. The popularity of the electronic cigarettes is rapidly rising especially among the youths and former smokers. They perceive it as a healthier option as opposed to the ordinary cigarettes. Scientists thought that it is the chemical present in cigarette smoke that was responsible for the health effects. The study shows otherwise.

According to the study, once the vapor present in the e-cigarette burns, cells in turn release inflammatory proteins that irritate the stress within the cell. The result is a damage with a potential to cause numerous oral diseases. The frequency of smoking the e-cigarette determines the level of harm to both the oral cavity and the gums. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com.

A non-smoker’s gum was during the study exposed to the e-cigarette vapors. It became apparent that the flavor put in the cigarettes also contribute to damaging cells in the mouth. During the investigation, it was clear that some flavors had adverse effects than others. Fawad Javed, a post-doctorate student, was quick to note that e-cigarette has nicotine that contributes to gum diseases. Rahman says that there’s need for more research to be conducted. He would also like the manufacturer to reveal the chemicals used so that the consumer can be better educated.

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The results have been made known by people through the free journal known as Oncotarget. The journal came into being in 2010. Impact Journals publish it. It is free –access. The journal covers cancer-related research from the pathological basis to the treatment procedures. Mikhail Blagosklonny edits it alongside the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute’s Andrei V. Godkov.

Information on Oncotarget allows discoveries to be known by many people at a speedy pace. Each paper on Oncortarget is printed on demand.

The Lung Institute Fights The Mainstream

Sufferers of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are usually left hanging by old fashioned doctors. Fortunately, the progressive stem cell science of The Lung Institute had increased the options for suffers of this disease. Thanks to leading stem cell research, care plans have been created to efficiently reduce symptoms of COPD.

Smokers have been warned that damaging their lungs will have future consequences, now they are paying the price with COPD. The disease will disable even the most athletic person, condemning to their beds struggling to suck out oxygen from their filtration machines.

Stem cells are considered to be immoral in the eyes of some Americans. On the other hand, leaving patients in desperate situations without treatment is even more immoral. The medical industry lacks efficient forms of treatment yet they continue to make record profits. Methodologies of approving treatments are old and archaic as well.

Jack Coleman from The Lung Institute was invited to speak at the largest conference in the world. According to PR Web, The International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research took place in the heart of Italy to discuss some of the issues facing the medical world. Only the top stem cell scientists were invited to give presentations.

Cedars-Sinai Dr. Coleman had thoroughly explained the situation of the company. It is difficult to bring stem cell projects into clinical trials due to the various regulatory agencies. The largest medical companies in the world have deep pockets and aim to keep the competition down through bribery of such agencies.

Many chronic diseases are treatable by stem cells if only the world would embrace it. The Lung Institute alone has several diseases nearly cured with their treatment plans. They may be able to make even more breakthroughs if fewer barriers had been set in their path.

Pulmonary fibrosis patients are also seeking relief with stem cell technology. The Lung Institute is able to relieve symptoms significantly within just a few treatment sessions. Instead of leaving patients bound to the bed struggling for breath, brave companies like the Lung Institute will step up and do something about it. You may hear more announcements of stem cell technology from their official Twitter page.