The Undying Dreams of Omar Boraie

Omar Boraie is a 72-year-old visionary entrepreneur who has his eyes set on the real estate market. He is the head of Boraie Development LLC, a company that deals with real estate development in New Brunswick City. The journey to setting up Boraie Development LLC has not been easy, admits Omar, as he encountered many critics who thought it could not be done. His epic journey started almost forty years ago when he sought to renovate the then dilapidated buildings in New Brunswick.

Walking in the New Brunswick’s street after 4 p.m. was a nightmare before, but Sam Boraie had the vision to change this. First, he bought plots and dilapidated structures along Albany Street with a dream to renovate them. This he did when in 1988 he opened the doors to Albany Street Plaza Tower One. This was then followed by Tower Two, which he constructed in 2003. The building of these office blocks was a great achievement, and it attracted a huge workforce. Omar, being visionary, soon realized that there was the need for high-quality residential apartments in Albany.

He set upon constructing a deluxe building for condominiums. With that in mind, there emerged the tallest building in the city standing 25 stories high. It consists of one hundred and twenty-one high-end apartments and amazingly includes office and retail businesses’ spaces. However, that is not all there is to the building. It also features a garage for residential parking and has allotted spaces outside for barbecue and walking dogs. Omar Boraie, however, attributes his success to all the people who stood by him and admits he couldn’t have done it without them. Check out Fundacity to know more.

Boraie Development LLC.

According to Philly Purge, Boraie development LLC is a real estate company founded 40 years ago. It majors in real estate development, property management and sales and marketing. It has an untarnished 30-year track record in the real estate industry making it a much sought after the developer in New Jersey. To fund its ventures, the company utilizes private sources for funding such as large commercial banks as well as its revenues. Boraie Development also undertakes the management of its properties. This has gone a great way into adding value to their properties as the regular conduct maintenance.

The company also has Boraie Realty subsidiary that has since sold more than 150 million dollars in properties. To guarantee their success, their Sales Department cooperates with their Development and Property Management Department.

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The Thoughts Of Marc Sparks Regarding Starting A Successful Business

According to Marc Sparks starting a business requires resources and a business model. He has been successful as both an entrepreneur and a student of the world. He believes 25 percent of success is a combination of a collaborative, conducive, and quality work environment. He feels corners cannot be cut regarding the atmosphere where your team will be working every day. He has stated it makes the difference between succeeding and failing.


Marc Sparks has started a lot of successful businesses and believes an office has a special flow required for excellent output and collaboration. He shared his experiences in his book titled They Can’t Eat You. He gives his perceptions of some of his successes as well as a few of his failures. He talks about how he learned the realities of being an entrepreneur and how they led to his founding of Timber Creek Capital. The company is the embodiment of 35 years worth of experience as an entrepreneur. Learn more:


Marc Sparks explains all the different stages involved in launching a viable business in his book. His strategy is to tackle just a few companies at a time so he can mentor them and oversee resources such as capital, marketing, banking, and office space. When an entrepreneur is in Timber Creek’s system they have everything they need. Marc has learned how to deal with the devastating circumstances and challenges brought on by being an entrepreneur. His goal is to help other entrepreneurs build the companies of their dreams with the help of his experience. Learn more here:


Marc Sparks attributes his success to his outrageous urgency, monetization, savvy, focus, tenacity, passion, and faith. His team refers to these qualities as spark seeds but there is no doubt they help to propel his team forward. He enjoys mentorship, thrives on success and is highly qualified to turn new entrepreneurs ideas into successful businesses.


Marc Sparks founded and owns Timber Creek Capital and remains the CEO of the company. He is also a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an author. One of his greatest successes is in taking ideas and creating viable businesses. His book is a tool to help new entrepreneurs succeed by creating their own path. His philanthropy has helped the Habitat for Humanity, Sparky’s Kids, and the Samaritan Inn. There is no doubt his efforts and abilities have made a positive difference in the lives of the people he touches.