Highlights From Adam Milstein’s Interview On Ideamensch

Adam Milstein was recently featured as a guest on Ideamensch. It is a website that interviews business people and entrepreneurs. Ideamensch also shares tips and advice from these successful people.


Mr. Milstein is a native of Israel who emigrated to the United States in 1980s. He has built a successful real estate career for himself over the decades. Adam is now a managing partners at the real estate development firm, Hager Pacific Properties. He is also a strong proponent of the Jewish State of Israel and a major donor to Jewish related charities and groups. Below you will find some of the highlights from the interview conducted by Ideamensch with Adam Milstein.


The first question asked by Ideamensch to Adam Milstein, was how he became involved with Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein’s response was the following. After completing his MBA in business in the United States, Adam said he received paltry salary offers from companies. So, he decided to strike out on his own and ended up working as a commercial real estate broker. After years of being an independent broker and achieving some success, he was offered a job at Hager Pacific Properties, where is now a managing partner at the Encino, California branch.


The second question of the interview with Ideamensch was how an average day looks for Adam Milstein and what he does to make it productive. To this question, he offered this response. Adam says that when you first get involved with a business, you really don’t know what your day will look like and what you will have to do. As you get more settled and have more things to do, there is a semblance of structure in your day. What really motivates him, says Adam Milstein, is looking forward to working with charitable groups and organizations after work is over.


Ideamensche’s third question posted to Mr. Milstein was how he brings his ideas to life. His response was that he does a lot of follow ups on a daily basis on the tasks he has to complete. Adam Milstein also says that he keeps on pushing his ideas until they finally materialize. Persistence pays of in business.



Adam Milstein: From Rejection to a Real Estate Mogul

Adam Milstein is an Israel native. He moved to the United States with his wife and children in 1981 and earned his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983. Adam is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm specializing in acquiring, re-positioning and rehabilitation of properties.


In an interview with Ideamensch, Adam highlighted out some critical points that entrepreneurs should adopt them. As a fresh graduate, many employers did not appreciate his knowledge and experience as the other undergraduates. The frustrated Israel native then decided to go his way and worked as a real estate broker for three years before deciding to become an investor.


After some years in the real estate industry, the magnate realized philanthropy might make his days more jovial, a factor that drove him to launch the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.  Adam Milstein believes that pressing on until ideas come to reality is the key to succeeding in competitive markets. Persistence, consistence and painstaking follow-ups are other essential aspects that can make an entrepreneur successful.


The real estate magnate feels that he has consistently made the right choices that have placed him at the current position. He further argued that it is imperative to be part of the solution as opposed to depending on other people. As an entrepreneur he attributed his success to failing to set specific goals, saying that they could have slowed down his pace. Adam Milstein advised that trying to make a fortune overnight is a recipe for a big flop.


Adam Milstein in Brief


Adam Milstein is an Israel-born American real estate magnate and a philanthropist. He is also a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Adams moved to the United States in 1981 and graduated with MBA from the University of Southern California. With a great passion for charitable activities, the real estate mogul launched Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The family foundation has been promoting unity among the Israel-American community.


Adam Milstein is also a co-founder and chairman of national expansion at Israel-American Council. His experience and knowledge have earned him n opportunity to serve on several boards such as Israel on Campus Coalition and Hasbara Fellowships.



The Undying Dreams of Omar Boraie

Omar Boraie is a 72-year-old visionary entrepreneur who has his eyes set on the real estate market. He is the head of Boraie Development LLC, a company that deals with real estate development in New Brunswick City. The journey to setting up Boraie Development LLC has not been easy, admits Omar, as he encountered many critics who thought it could not be done. His epic journey started almost forty years ago when he sought to renovate the then dilapidated buildings in New Brunswick.

Walking in the New Brunswick’s street after 4 p.m. was a nightmare before, but Sam Boraie had the vision to change this. First, he bought plots and dilapidated structures along Albany Street with a dream to renovate them. This he did when in 1988 he opened the doors to Albany Street Plaza Tower One. This was then followed by Tower Two, which he constructed in 2003. The building of these office blocks was a great achievement, and it attracted a huge workforce. Omar, being visionary, soon realized that there was the need for high-quality residential apartments in Albany.

He set upon constructing a deluxe building for condominiums. With that in mind, there emerged the tallest building in the city standing 25 stories high. It consists of one hundred and twenty-one high-end apartments and amazingly includes office and retail businesses’ spaces. However, that is not all there is to the building. It also features a garage for residential parking and has allotted spaces outside for barbecue and walking dogs. Omar Boraie, however, attributes his success to all the people who stood by him and admits he couldn’t have done it without them. Check out Fundacity to know more.

Boraie Development LLC.

According to Philly Purge, Boraie development LLC is a real estate company founded 40 years ago. It majors in real estate development, property management and sales and marketing. It has an untarnished 30-year track record in the real estate industry making it a much sought after the developer in New Jersey. To fund its ventures, the company utilizes private sources for funding such as large commercial banks as well as its revenues. Boraie Development also undertakes the management of its properties. This has gone a great way into adding value to their properties as the regular conduct maintenance.

The company also has Boraie Realty subsidiary that has since sold more than 150 million dollars in properties. To guarantee their success, their Sales Department cooperates with their Development and Property Management Department.

The article appeared on: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/category/boraie-development/the-visions-of-Omar- Boraie/ published through Central Jersey Working Moms.

See more: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc

Karl Heideck’s Explanation of The Lawsuit By Philadelphia Against Wells Fargo

Karl Heideck’s Explanation of The Lawsuit By Philadelphia Against Wells Fargo
Karl Heideck’s Explanation of The Lawsuit By Philadelphia Against Wells Fargo

A recent news report states that the City of Philadelphia has sued Wells Fargo & Co., for violating the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The report states that the company used predatory lending tactics targeting minority mortgage borrowers. The company was sued on May 15 in the backdrop of another scandal involving its bankers setting up bogus accounts using the names of their customers.

Allegations Against Wells Fargo

According to the City of Philadelphia, Wells Fargo Bank encouraged Hispanic and black borrowers to take riskier loans that attracted higher interest rates though they were qualified for lower risk and lower interest mortgages. Philadelphia also claims that the bank forced most of the borrowers into foreclosure. By comparing data spanning for 10 years, Philadelphia concluded that the company was more likely to give blacks and Hispanics higher interest loans than white borrowers.The law suit further claims that homes situated in minority neighborhoods were more likely to face foreclosure when compared to homes situated in white neighborhoods. The city is suing Wells Fargo for the discriminatory lending practices it conducted between 2004 and 2014. The city is demanding for monetary damages and an injunction to compel the bank to stop engaging in unfair lending practices.The offense that the city is suing Wells Fargo for is called redlining. This is an ancient practice where banks drew redlines around selected neighborhoods and refused to extend loans to those living in these areas. This practice is unconstitutional because it is based on a borrower’s race or ethnicity.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an attorney who features in Hire Counsel’s list since April 2015. Heideck has over ten years worth of experience as a lawyer practicing in Philadelphia. He started out as an attorney working for Pepper Hamilton LLP. It was at this time that Karl Heideck gained significant expertise in handling complaints.Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later went on to study law and graduated in 2009 from Temple University’s “James E. Beasley” School of Law. Currently, Karl Heideck offers services ranging from risk management advertisement, compliance consulting, and representation in product liability, corporate law, and commercial litigation. Read More.

Betsy DeVos’ Support for a Better Education System

Betsy DeVos is a wealthy businesswoman who has dedicated a lot of resources to philanthropy and supporting the education sector. She has been serving the Trump administration as secretary of education since February 2017. Betsy’s home is in Holland, Michigan. She is the daughter of a billionaire, Edgar Prince, who is the proprietor of Prince Corporation. The company a renowned supplier of automobile parts. Mrs. DeVos holds a B.A degree from the Calvin College. Her husband, Dick DeVos, is also a wealthy businessman and heir to the Amway Company.

Betsy has been taking part in political matters of the Michigan Republican Party since 1982. The party appointed her as the area delegate in 1986. In 1992, she was chosen to serve Michigan’s Republican National Committee and held the position until 1997. Mrs. DeVos also assisted in raising money for the President Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004. Her family has been supporting the Republican Party for a long time, and they have offered about $17 million to facilitate the campaigns of different candidates. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

In 1989, Betsy and Dick Devos started a family philanthropy organization that is known as the DeVos Family Foundation. They are committed to supporting education matters, justice, arts, and leadership. The DeVos family has donated over $139 million in their lifetime, and they gave $11.6 million in 2015. They were ranked 24th on the list of the United States’ leading philanthropists in 2015. The foundation benefits Christian missions, medical research, hospitals, Christian school, and many other organizations. Most of the donations that they give are channeled to Christian-based organizations.

In 2004, Betsy was appointed by President Bush to be a member of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts’ board of directors. She worked together with her husband in developing the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. They offered $22.5 million to support the undertakings of the organization, which supports artists. In 2009, the couple founded ArtPrize, which is famous art competition that is hosted in Michigan annually.

Learn more: https://www2.ed.gov/news/staff/bios/devos.html?src=hp

Christianity has been a priority to Betsy. According to her, the current U.S education system does not function well, and therefore, she has been supporting for-profit charter schools. She believes that broadening the education sector will offer more choices for students. Betsy is also a great supporter of school vouchers that provide public money to pay for private schools. This would make it easy for children from low-income families to attend better schools.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have also offered financial support to All Children Matter. The organization has been striving to promote school vouchers. Betsy has been on the boards of different educations institutions and has been advocating for more schools choice for all children. She has been working with her family to improve education in the United States.

The Thoughts Of Marc Sparks Regarding Starting A Successful Business

According to Marc Sparks starting a business requires resources and a business model. He has been successful as both an entrepreneur and a student of the world. He believes 25 percent of success is a combination of a collaborative, conducive, and quality work environment. He feels corners cannot be cut regarding the atmosphere where your team will be working every day. He has stated it makes the difference between succeeding and failing.


Marc Sparks has started a lot of successful businesses and believes an office has a special flow required for excellent output and collaboration. He shared his experiences in his book titled They Can’t Eat You. He gives his perceptions of some of his successes as well as a few of his failures. He talks about how he learned the realities of being an entrepreneur and how they led to his founding of Timber Creek Capital. The company is the embodiment of 35 years worth of experience as an entrepreneur. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/


Marc Sparks explains all the different stages involved in launching a viable business in his book. His strategy is to tackle just a few companies at a time so he can mentor them and oversee resources such as capital, marketing, banking, and office space. When an entrepreneur is in Timber Creek’s system they have everything they need. Marc has learned how to deal with the devastating circumstances and challenges brought on by being an entrepreneur. His goal is to help other entrepreneurs build the companies of their dreams with the help of his experience. Learn more here: http://sparktankdfw.com/


Marc Sparks attributes his success to his outrageous urgency, monetization, savvy, focus, tenacity, passion, and faith. His team refers to these qualities as spark seeds but there is no doubt they help to propel his team forward. He enjoys mentorship, thrives on success and is highly qualified to turn new entrepreneurs ideas into successful businesses.


Marc Sparks founded and owns Timber Creek Capital and remains the CEO of the company. He is also a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an author. One of his greatest successes is in taking ideas and creating viable businesses. His book is a tool to help new entrepreneurs succeed by creating their own path. His philanthropy has helped the Habitat for Humanity, Sparky’s Kids, and the Samaritan Inn. There is no doubt his efforts and abilities have made a positive difference in the lives of the people he touches.





Fabletics Reverses the Showrooming Trend to Rise in Business

Growing into a $250 million business since opening in 2013, Fabletics has gained a firm footing in the athleisure trend. The business started by conquering one of the biggest trends eating into the sales of similar retailers. Showrooming is a process where customers browse products in brick and mortar stores but then buy them cheaper online. Retailing giants like Amazon have profited from this trend, and Fabletics was not about to sit back and lose out on this opportunity.


With their reverse showrooming routine, Fabletics builds high value by offering desirable merchandise at a reasonable price so as not to lose customers. They aren’t afraid of losing customers to lower prices elsewhere because their merchandise is offered at a price the average shopper can afford. Their unique designs can’t be found elsewhere either, and with an increasing amount of brick and mortar stores popping up to complement their online presence they offer the total package for shoppers.


High value brand doesn’t mean the same thing it used to. In order to build a high value brand in today’s marketplace businesses need to build brand recognition, offer exemplary customer service, and provide exclusive design. It is more than price and quality, and Fabletics is ahead of the game in offering what modern customers want. With trendy athleisure fashion, Kate Hudson’s endorsement to build brand recognition, and customized customer experience the Fabletics brand goes the extra mile to build their customer base.


Kate Hudson’s input and passion shine through as well. She brings a personable and relatable vibe to Fabletics with her hands-on approach to the business. She credits her mother, Goldie Hawn, as her inspiration. Hudson is on the board of Hawn’s charity called MindUp. Her spirit of philanthropy extends into her business where she doesn’t just aim to make money but wants to encourage people on their fitness journey.


Hudson and Fabletics also use modern technology in order to directly reach modern customers. By selling directly to customers instead of to stores, Fabletics is able to cultivate crucial information about trends in fashion and stay on top of customer’s interests. Starting with a questionnaire, visitors to the site will find that not only do their answers influence personalized fashion ideas, their answers to this questionnaire will go back to Fabletics so the company can tighten up their offerings and prices. Customer’s interests do not go unheeded.


Customers are also treated to personalized clothing picks at the beginning of each month. Interested to see Fabletics’ picks for you? Take this survey to see your results.

Oncotarget’s Issue on E-cigarette

Oncotarget published a recent study conducted by the Rochester Medical Center led by Irfan Rahman who is a professor of environmental medicine. The study was the first of its kind addressing e-cigarettes and the effects it has on the oral health, cellular as well as molecular levels. The popularity of the electronic cigarettes is rapidly rising especially among the youths and former smokers. They perceive it as a healthier option as opposed to the ordinary cigarettes. Scientists thought that it is the chemical present in cigarette smoke that was responsible for the health effects. The study shows otherwise.

According to the study, once the vapor present in the e-cigarette burns, cells in turn release inflammatory proteins that irritate the stress within the cell. The result is a damage with a potential to cause numerous oral diseases. The frequency of smoking the e-cigarette determines the level of harm to both the oral cavity and the gums. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com.

A non-smoker’s gum was during the study exposed to the e-cigarette vapors. It became apparent that the flavor put in the cigarettes also contribute to damaging cells in the mouth. During the investigation, it was clear that some flavors had adverse effects than others. Fawad Javed, a post-doctorate student, was quick to note that e-cigarette has nicotine that contributes to gum diseases. Rahman says that there’s need for more research to be conducted. He would also like the manufacturer to reveal the chemicals used so that the consumer can be better educated.

View more: http://www.bioxbio.com/if/html/ONCOTARGET.html

The results have been made known by people through the free journal known as Oncotarget. The journal came into being in 2010. Impact Journals publish it. It is free –access. The journal covers cancer-related research from the pathological basis to the treatment procedures. Mikhail Blagosklonny edits it alongside the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute’s Andrei V. Godkov.

Information on Oncotarget allows discoveries to be known by many people at a speedy pace. Each paper on Oncortarget is printed on demand.

Honey Birdette Luxury Lingerie Collection

Honey Birdette is the first retail lingerie sensuality boutique for ladies in Australia. The lingerie boutique stocks a collection of exquisite lingerie sets, knickers, intimate toys and other lingerie and luxury bedroom accessories.

Honey Birdette Retail Market Portfolio

In April 2017, Honey Birdette launched a detailed E-commerce site in the USA and revealed its strategy to increase the retail market portfolio in the UK from 3 to 40 stores by December 2018. Eloise Monaghan who serves as the founder of Honey Birdette, made a decision to launch the American site based on the 374% increase on the online sales in the US over the past one year. According to Monaghan, the new e-commerce platform will assist in ensuring that the customers experience a wide range of product extension, faster delivery, free delivery for orders more than 50dollars and easier returns.

Honey Birdette, as seen on Instagram, targets retail openings in the USA and increasing the United Kingdom store count. The lingerie brand plans to open ten more stores in the UK in Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and Westfield Stratford. In 2016, Honey Birdette opened its first retail store in the UK in Covent Garden situated in London. This opening was later followed by two other store openings in Westfield White City and Victoria Gate situated in Leeds.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette has been in operation since 2006 and is located in Brisbane, Australia. Currently, the boutique has 55 stores operational in Australia but is eyeing various premium locations in the UK. The company is backed up by a private investment firm known as BBRC. The premium price for labels ranges from £35 to £60 for briefs and bras.

Honey Birdette prides itself in the continuous development and provision of new luxury lingerie collections and exquisite toys aimed at making their customers happy in the bedroom.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

The Fight for Right

There has been a lot of discussion in recent months about the rights of others; what people’s civil rights, human rights and migrant rights are. Some people believe that their civil rights are being taken away.

Other people are fighting to ensure that all humans have the same rights. Some question what the rights of migrants should be. There are many organizations who advocate for each of these different rights.

One of those organization is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The have decided to use the $3.75 million dollars they were awarded, after their arrest in 2007, to fund migrant right organizations throughout the state of Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were taken from their homes in the middle of the night and arrested for telling the public of grand jury proceedings that sought reporters’ notes about the Sheriff.

The goal of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is to advocate for human, civil and migrant rights. They will also support and advocate for freedom of speech and civil participation in Arizona. They support over 20 advocacy groups.

Another organization the advocates for human and civil rights is The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. This group is made up of more than 200 national organizations that promote and advocate for the civil and human rights of people in the United States. Their main goal is to help create a more equal, open and just society.

Colbri Center for Human Rights is located in Tucson Arizona. They work with families using forensic science to help end migrant death and suffering on the U.S.-Mexico boarder. They have a number of different programs to help their cause. Their “Missing Migrant Project” is working to close the gap between the date from medical examiners and the families of the missing people. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

They also have a DNA program that helps identify the missing when their bodies are found. The Red de Familiares is a support group for the family of the migrants who have gone missing while trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico boarder.

The Civil Rights Project at UCLA was founded in 1996 by Gary Orfield and Christopher Edley, Jr. Their overall objective is to create new research in the social sciences and law about civil rights and equal opportunities for all racial and ethnic groups. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook

They hope to bridge the worlds between ideas and action. The Civil Rights Project of UCLA has conducted more than 400 studies and published 14 books on these subjects. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

There are hundreds of organizations and groups in the world advocating for various rights that people should have. Whether those rights are civil, human, migrant, homosexual, transgender, refugee or religious, they are all supporting the rights humans should have.

Perhaps if we all, as humans, tried a little harder to be a little kinder and more open minded we wouldn’t need all these organizations to fight for their causes. We would all be treated the same; because, after all, as humans, we are all the same.