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There are many types of legal problems facing entrepreneurs and organizations. The most common issue encountered in business today include disputes between partners, breach of contract, shareholder conflicts, tax litigation and legal disputes with contractors and competitors.

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The Achievements and Professional Expertise of Entrepreneur Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the current boss of Madison Partners, a real estate and biotechnology company. Becker is a native of New York City. As a young man, he studied art at Bennington College and later enrolled at Amos Tuck in Dartmouth to study business management. While in Bennington College, he specialized in the art of photography. View his Wikipedia page to learn more.

Becker’s career history and achievements

During the start of his career (, he worked as a photographer. Becker pioneered in the development of high-textured images and use of artifacts in traditional paintings. He has also been involved in various artistic works involving the American currency. Becker has shown his work on various platforms, such as the Art Basel, the Morgan Walker Fine Art, Hal Katzen, and the Arcature Fine Art.

Arthur Becker has been a private investor for the last two decades. He helped establish Atlantic Investors LLC in 2000. Three years later, Becker joined NaviSite Inc. as the president of the company. While working for NaviSite Inc., he became a senior advisor for Vera Wang, a renowned designer for bridal wear. For seven years, he offered consulting services to this fashion house. When NaviSite Inc. was sold to Time Warner in 2011, Becker ventured into technology and real estate. He joined Zinio LLC as its chief executive officer. This firm specializes in advertising, digital publishing, and mobile computing. Becker has been serving as the member of the Board of Zinio LLC since 2002. Throughout his career, Becker has also served as the director of ClearBlue Technologies.

Becker’s role at Madison Partners

His involvement with Madison Partners began in 2011 when he began investing in tech companies and real estate endeavors. This firm was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of NaviSite Inc and is a NASDAQ quoted enterprise that deals in technology. Madison Partners is tailored to identify profitable investments in biotechnology and real estate. Under Becker’s management, this company makes revenue of $5-$25 million annually when the business deal involved is a new start-up or a real estate venture. Becker is fascinated about cancer research and treatment therapies. In an interview with IdeaMensch, Becker revealed that he is working on a chain of real estate properties in Tribeca and New York.

Meet the PAC Fighting to Reverse Citizen’s United

In 2010, the Supreme Court decided a case that completely altered the playing field in American elections. This case, Citizens United v. F.E.C., opened the gate for wealthy individuals and special interest groups to spend incredible amounts of money on election donations without a shred of transparency or accountability. One of the biggest talking points in 2016’s presidential election was the reduction of corruption in American government; both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump claimed to be the candidate on the side of the little people and against the Super PACs and billionaires. Unfortunately, the Citizens United decision is one that directly benefits politicians, and they cannot be trusted to end its negative influence.


That’s why End Citizens United was established.


End Citizens United is a PAC that aims to overturn Citizens United and curtail the influence of untraceable donations in American politics. They work to support reform candidates, ensure election reform remains in the national consciousness and demonstrate the political power of large groups of individuals against this style of corruption. Although politicians on both sides of the aisle are making efforts toward election reform, End Citizens United supports primarily Democratic candidates because Republican Congressional leadership often stands in the way of these reform efforts.


End Citizens United was established in August of 2015 with the explicit goal of becoming a major player in the 2016 elections. Their ultimate goal is to pass a constitutional amendment reversing the Citizens United decision. More than 300,000 people signed a petition urging Congress to pass such legislation. Communications Director Richard Carbo believes End Citizens United is different from other groups aiming to overturn the controversial decision because “there was a hole in the conversation addressing the political side of it and actually getting people elected”. End Citizens United fills this gap by directly backing candidates who will pass reform legislation.


Although End Citizens United does also work on the state and local level, a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United remains its primary goal. No constitutional amendment has been passed in the USA since 1992, and the bar to pass such legislation is extremely high. This would require support from two-thirds of the Senate and the House of Representatives; it would then have to be ratified by 38 states. However, even if End Citizens United fails in its efforts to pass an amendment, it can still have a positive impact. The PAC’s political activism and messaging efforts keep election reform in the public consciousness, which will keep political pressure on for years or even decades to come.


The Washington D.C. PAC boasts only five staff members. It’s incredible to think that just 5 people could change the course of America’s history, but that’s exactly what End Citizens United aims to do. You can visit their website at


Squaw Valley Ski Resort Provides Update On Its Water Quality To The Public


The ski resort called Squaw Valley located in Olympic Valley has come out with a detailed press release on the issue of coliform and e-coli bacteria in its drinking water supplies. It was reported on November 8th, that the upper mountain section of the Squaw Valley resort possibly had its water system compromised by dangerous bacteria. The Placer County Department of Environmental Health was notified as soon as possible on the 8th.


Immediate remediation action has been taken since it was confirmed that dangerous levels of bacteria were found in the upper mountain drinking water supply wells. According to the latest tests and reports, three of the four drinking water wells at the Squaw Valley Upper Mountain resort are now free of e-coli bacteria. They also show minute amounts of coliform bacteria.


Due to the fact that one well is still contaminated and the other three still have trace amounts of coliform bacteria, all restaurants at the upper mountain section of Squaw Valley Ski Resort are closed until further notice. A ban on drinking any of the water at upper mountain is also in effect for all skiers until the problem is further resolved. So far, Squaw Valley is happy to report that no health issues or outbreaks of illnesses have been reported. Skiing meanwhile is unaffected for local skiers and visitors. Top to bottom skiing at upper mountain remains open and has not been impacted by the bacteria in the water supply wells.


The reason the drinking water supply wells at upper mountain are contaminated was due to the fact that a major rain storm struck the Olympic Valley and other outlying areas in California. It led to an overflow of water into the water supply and treatment systems that were just recently upgraded in Placer County. The upper mountain valley water supply wells were compromised when contaminated runoff seeped into the wells.


Squaw Valley has taken all precautions to protect the public and staff. No other water systems have been impacted or contaminated by the rain storm of October. Skiers at Upper Mountain continue to receive free bottled water for drinking. The contaminated water has been quarantined and was never exposed to the public.

Personalized Care is a Crucial Part for Treating Patients at the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a medical organization that specializes in the treatment of patients with stem cell therapy. This organization has been providing this service for years and has helped many people to live a great life – despite the illnesses that they have.

Why is the Lung Institute so effective with treating patients? It has to do with their personalized care as well as their outstanding medical treatment options. Many people within the medical field already understand how important it is to provide personalized care to patients. One size, fits all approach to medical treatment, just does not work.

The medical professionals at the Baylor College of Medicine – Lung Institute will process in patients according to their needs. People who suffer from asthma probably will not have the same negative health effects as someone suffering from lung cancer.

Keep in mind that no two people are the same; even if they have the same type of disease. Yes, standard treatment options can work for both people; but how those treatments are applied and how a person responds to them will probably be totally different. The point is, that each individual at the Lung Institute will have their own unique medical plan created just for them.

The staff at the Lung Institute will focus on a patient’s medical history and their current condition. They will also evaluate different aspects of a person’s health to ensure that they do not have any bad or adverse reaction to the stem cell therapies that they offer. This type of treatment plan is very beneficial to the patient and it also helps the physicians to create a more optimal plan that will help them to be successful. Read the full company review on

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